Posted: November 30, 2011
Campion College will be hosting the Regina book launch of recent publications by Dr. John Meehan, SJ, and Dr. Simon Glezos on Wednesday, November 30 at 3:00 pm in the Campion College Student Commons (main floor).

As one of the first Western nations to recognize the People’s Republic of China, Canada shares a long history with this East Asian country. Meehan’s latest book, Chasing the Dragon in Shanghai: Canada’s Early Relations with China, 1858-1952, reflects on the experiences of the early Canadian missionaries, businessmen, and government officials who helped shape Canada’s current relationship with China. Chasing the Dragon in Shanghai is published by UBC Press.

Meehan is assistant professor of history and Catholic studies at Campion College, and author of the award winning book The Dominion and the Rising Sun: Canada Encounters Japan, 1929 - 1941 (UBC Press, 2004). He has a MA in international relations from the Johns Hopkins University (Washington, DC), and a PhD in history from the University of Toronto.

In his book, The Politics of Speed: Capitalism, the state and war in an accelerating world, Glezos investigates the effects of the accelerating pace of global events in relation to areas such as democratic governance, warfare, and globalization, and proposes a means of “engaging with global acceleration” in a way that may help avoid its pitfalls.

Glezos is an assistant professor in political science at the University of Regina and sessional lecturer at Campion College. He has a PhD in political theory and international relations from the Johns Hopkins University. His research applies contemporary political theory to questions of speed and technology in global politics.